Wadebridge Bikeshop sell Gepida Wadebridge Bikeshop Рnow stocking Gepida eBikes

Paula and colleagues are now stocking & retailing Gepida wide range of modern, high specification eBikes

While offering an excellent electric bicycle service and support package, all in the heart of Wadebridge

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Paula from Wadebridge Bikeshop on I:SY

  • Family run bike shop in beautiful North Cornwall
  • The hub of cycling in North Cornwall
  • Bike maintenance classes
  • The Gepida eBikes sell themselves, an easy choice to make

The range and quality of the Gepida eBikes make them an easy choice for users

Wadebridge Bike Shop stock Gepida eBikes

Wadebridge Bike Shop
9 Polmorla Road
Wadebridge PL27 7NS, UK

01208 815262