Here at Blacklion we are often asked a lot of questions from our customers. The E-Bike industry and the product is still fairly new and because of this not everyone has had exposure or is aware of the products that we offer. This page is to be your one-stop shop for everything e-bike related answering the most frequently e-bike questions we are asked by both our dealers and also regular customers. Blacklion is a quality importer and Electric Bike Distributor here in the UK importing some of the best brands and bikes that Europe and the world has to offer!

If we have not answered your questions with our E-Bike FAQ please get in touch with a member of the team today and we will make sure your question is added to the list!

How long does the battery last on an E Bike?

E-Bikes vary from bike to bike and the average life expectancy on a battery is based on the size of the battery itself. Most E-Bikes on the market tend to hold between around 500 to 1000 charge cycles. The lifespan of this will depend on users settings and distance traveled.

How long does it take to charge an e bike?

When it comes to charging your E-Bike this depends on the battery used on the E-Bike. For example, the Bosch Power Pack 300 takes 2.5 hours to reach 100%, Bosch PowePack 400 takes 3.5hours and the Bosch PowerPack 500 takes 4.5hours to reach full charge. All of these figures are calculated using a 4A charger. This is a guideline and may not reflect real-world charging. Head over to the Bosch E-Bike site for more info

How much do electric bikes cost?

Electric bikes can really vary from bike to bike but on average the bikes that we stock are around the £2,000 price point and provide users with comfort, reliability and quality. Like anything, the more you are willing to spend the better your options on an E-Bike will be.

How much do E-Bikes Weigh?

Electric E-Bikes have come a long way since the first bikes and nowadays weigh between the 20kg and the 25kg mark. This is however entirely dependent on the E-Bike that you decide to go for. Bigger batteries and fastest motors all play a part in the weight category and can dictate which E-Bike you may want to go for.

Can you buy replacement E-Bike batteries?

The beauty of electric bikes is that you can most definitely buy different batteries for your E-Bike ensuring that you have a spare battery available if the battery you are currently using runs out of charge.

How often should you get your E-Bike serviced?

With the advancements in technology Electric Bikes nowadays require very little maintenance. The electric systems that are used within E-Bikes is extremely hi-tech but it is important to check the battery regularly and ensure that it is looked after and working as it should. There are recommended time periods to get your E-Bikes serviced such as:

  1. 200km or six weeks after you have purchased your e-bike
  2. 1500km after your purchase of the new E-Bike
  3. electrical checks at least once a year

Of course, these are guidelines and if you find you are using your E-Bike a lot more than you thought you would it is important to look after the E-Bike and get it serviced more regularly.

How can I maintain my E-Bike?

Performing regular checks on your battery and E-Bike ensures that the lifespan and longevity of your bike will be a lot longer if serviced regularly by yourself.


We hope this E-Bikes FAQ has been of use to you and if you are confused by anything covered or have any questions you would like us to add to this then please get in touch with a member of the Blacklion team today!