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Econic close by wallWho are Econic Bikes?

Building on the experience of a decade of manufacturing as ‘Eljoy’ – ‘Econic’ has been formed. Larger, stronger and with the ‘Econic-One’ and a mission. They say; – “With the Econic-One our mission is to give people the urban freedom of going anywhere, anytime. To make travels quicker, smarter and greener. That’s why we created Econic One.

Econic One is a smart e-bike designed to conquer the streets and level up your outdoor adventures. It’s a combination of smart technology, custom design and first-class performance on different terrains”.

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Why Choose the Econic-One?

The new range of Econic-One models are available this year – with a variety of innovation and development lead by their customer’s needs.

These are a range of eBikes with very careful selected components. Always focused on providing maximum rider satisfaction and yet with best possible value in mind.

We stock the full range – and the dealer should enjoy the confidence of selling the super-value for money ebikes from a brand that cares.


Who are Black Lion Bikes?

Here at Black Lion Bikes it is our mission to bring the best of European E-Bikes to the UK and ensure that all those living in the UK are able to have access to some of Europe’s finest E-Bikes today! With our Econic eBike range we really do provide a super-value E-Bike to our dealers in the UK – We aim to support our independent bike dealers here in the UK with access to the best E-Bikes and all at a great price which provide customers with enjoyment and satisfaction and also a health profit margin for our dealers

 We believe that the Econic brand can serve your eBike business very well in the present demanding business market. 

If you have any questions about the Econic-One eBike range that we stock then please get in touch with a member of the team here at Black Lion Bikes and we will be happy to help in whatever way we can!

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