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Who are Conway?

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Since 1993, this sports-oriented brand CONWAY has been part of the architecture of the impressive Hermann Hartje KG Group. With more than 100 models, it is as extensive as ever in the current model year. Another brand who constantly endeavours to push the boundaries of the E Bike industry and innovate at every step of the manufacturing process. Conway is known as the Heart and Soul mountain bike people! Well known for the award-winning enduro race team who provide exceptional and invaluable input in to the development of the new range of E Bikes for the coming year.

Their dynamic development team will influence the brand structure in the future. The respected Jens Steinhäuser (recently senior manager of Sales & Marketing at Ghost) was hired by CONWAY.


He now leads the design team from the new CONWAY Headquarters in Augsburg and controls the future orientation of the brand from there.

 Conway eMTB Range

Because of the innovative minds that work at Conway and the variety of experience that the enduro team have; Conway has been able to revolutionise the Mountain Bike industry and bridge the gap between mountain bikes and e-bikes. The innovative bikes that Conway produce push the boundaries of e-bikes and expand performance limits. The end result of this innovation and creativity is an E-Bike which is able to achieve faster speeds, longer trips and allows people to climb the steepest of gradients with ease. The range of Conway bikes come complete with either the Bosch battery or Shimano drive unit which ensures quality and longer lasting batteries

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CONWAY is a brand to watch!

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