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Victoria E Bike

Who are Victoria E-Bikes?

Victoria is a well-known brand within the cycling industry, known for their easy to ride, fun and nearly silent motors they have been building bikes since 1883. The addition of their E Bike range has helped them many cyclists across the world by ensuring that their bikes adapt and innovate in conjunction with any advancements in technology within the E Bike industry.

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Victoria E Trekking Range

Here at Black Lion we are proud to stock a variety of the e Trekking range and are pleased with the feedback we receive from customers regarding this bike. This is marketed as an electric touring bike and is one that we are delighted to offer. When travelling via E Bike there is nothing that beats it – being at one with nature and enjoying the outdoors is enjoyable on a regular bike, e-bike or a tandem, but with E Bikes you are left with a lot more energy to do other activities. Victoria has spent many years perfecting the Touring bike model. The E Trekking range by Victoria allows you to tour with your bike for long periods of time due to its Bosch powered drivers and also makes it a lot easier for those inclines which we would rather give a miss!


Why Choose Victoria?

Anybody who enjoys bike riding will love e-bikes!
Riding on a Victoria e-bike is just as effortless as on an ordinary Victoria bike: the difference is simply that the pedal power is assisted. A compact and nearly silent motor gives you an extra boost when needed – a function you‘ll never want to do without again. Victoria e-bikes are simple and intuitive to ride: after just a few meters, your style of riding will adjust automatically.



Who are Black Lion Bikes?

Our main aim here at Black Lion Bikes is to ensure that the E Bike industry in the UK has access to some of the finest e bikes that the world has to offer. We work closely with our independent bike dealer network helping you develop a clear marketing strategy and providing you with any help or guidance may be needed. If you have any questions about how black lion can help support your businesses growth and how we are able to facilitate your experience as an e-bike retailer so that it is stress-free and successful, get in touch with a member of our team today!

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