Over recent years we have seen an evergrowing trend towards people in the UK opting to buy electric, motorized bikes – E-Bikes are perfect for those who are looking to cycle but have some of the effort taken away allowing you to enjoy the journey more. Electric bikes are perfect for those living in and around cities providing a long-lasting battery and a perfect mode of transport whilst doing grocery runs, meeting friends and getting too and from work. Here at Black Lion Bikes, we pride ourselves on only offering the best Electric Bikes that the world has to offer and in particular Europe. There are a variety of great E-Bike manufacturers in Europe constantly innovating and pushing the boundaries for E-Bikes. This post is here to give you a bit information about Electric Bikes, which brands you should look out for, why we have faith in these brands and how we can help you if you are looking to buy an Electric Bike.

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What are Electric Bikes?

So, what exactly are Electric Bikes – Electric Bikes are commonly referred to as E-Bikes and are very similar to most bikes in some respects but differ in one key way – they are fitted with electric motors that are used for momentum and provide users with the ability to travel a lot quicker and with minimal effort. A big USP for Electric Bikes is the uphill capability of the bikes – You can easily travel uphill with very little effort and can enjoy the whole cycling experience. E-Bikes come in a variety of different shapes and sizes and for a variety of different uses. There are E-Bikes that are aimed at those who enjoy mountain biking and also for those who will use their e-bike to go to and from shops and will need some form of cargo functionality on the bike itself. Something that is great about E-Bikes is that you can carry multiple batteries in a backpack so that you never run out of charge and with advancements in technology the recharging time has drastically increased allowing for less time waiting for charges and more time enjoying the bike itself!

Which Brand of E-Bikes do we stock?

We now know what E-Bikes are but which brands offer the best value and which brands do we trust and offer here at Black Lion Bikes? We stock the best Electric Bikes that Europe has to offer and ensure that the E-Bikes we stock fulfil our customer and dealers needs. Below is a brief overview of the main brands we recommend to our customers and dealers across the UK

Gepida Bikes – Gepida entered the E-Bike industry back in 1998 with their first exhibition in Cologne. Since then the company has continued to grow – offering some of the best and well known E-Bikes on the Market today. A common favourite amongst customer is the Reptila range – this is perfect for those looking for a bike in and around the city. You can check out the other ranges by heading to the link provided.

Conway E Bike – Conway has been in the bike industry since 1993 providing cutting age bikes to the EU and Global trade – With more than 100 models available this year they have a bike to please everyone. Conway has pushed the boundaries for E-Bikes offering some great mountain E-Bikes which are new to the industry as a whole. The Conway EMC is a favourite amongst our customers and you can check out the full range we have in stock by heading to the link provided.

To browse our other ranges of E-Bikes please head on over to the link provided and if you have any questions get in touch with a member of our team today!

Who is Black Lion Bikes?

Black Lion Bikes is one of the most experienced and well recognised E-Bike Importer and Distributors here in the UK – We have shipments of E-Bikes from Europe arriving on a weekly basis ensuring that we always have consistent stock for our customers and independent bike dealers. We are always on the lookout for new independent bike dealers throughout the UK and are here to help stock your E-Bike shop and provide you with an excellent customer service pre and post sales. If you want to find out more about Black Lion Bikes or come down to our Taunton showroom then please get in touch with a member of the team today and we look forward to hearing from you!